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Professional. Support presented in moving images.



Unique videos showing the removal and fitting of windscreens and sidelights in accordance to OE specifications - information utilising more than 20 years of experience in automotive glazing.

What is important when changing a windscreen, what are the critical points and what has to be taken into consideration?
Our Autoglas Media videos give answers in just a few minutes.

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In addition, PMA/TOOLS customers receive further support by application videos of our products.
Easy, fast, professional:



>> Single-Cut EVO 5.0:


>> ’The Black Eight’ Precision tool:


>> Rod extension set:



Single-Cut EVO 5.0


'The Black Eight' Precision Tool


Rod extension set for glass rack



The next generation: Glass removal tool that enables the operator to remove windscreens, sidelights, backlights efficiently and safely. It uses a fiber glass cord instead of wire.


For the professional application of upper and three-sided self-adhesive underglass profiles.


Extension rods for retrofitting to our glass racks to adapt to variations in windscreen height.



>> PT 77 PrimeEX®




>> PMA/TOOLS image video:



PT 77 PrimeEX®




PMA/TOOLS Image video



PT 77 PrimeEX® enables the user to remove unsightly residues of primer or PU on various surfaces, such as vehicle paint, dahsboards or  side panels.


All essential tools at hand. The mobile garage for the automotive glass professional, equipped with 80 high-quality tools.


More and more innovative technologies are now being attached to modern vehicles. This video informs about the trends and challenges involved and how PMA/TOOLS can support your business.



>> T-X1 precision application tool:


>> SensorTack® 1:


>> SensorTack® 2:





SensorTack® 1


SensorTack® 2



Provides greatest accuracy when it comes to attaching self-adhesive automotive glass profiles. Ensures correct adhesion and pressure according to OE specifications.


Repair instead of replacement: SensorTack® 1 allows professional repair of round rain/light sensors in just a few minutes.


Repair instead of replacement: Together with the unique refill mould SensorTack® 2 allows professional repair of square rain/light sensors in just a few minutes.



>> SensorTack® Ready+ cameras:


>> SensorTack® Ready+ sensors:


>> SensorTack® Ready+ Plus:



SensorTack® Ready


SensorTack® Ready


SensorTack® Ready Plus



Ready-to-go sensor pads for camera systsems made of silicone. Just remove the old pad and replace it with a new one.


Ready-to-go sensor pads for rain/light sensors made of silicone. Just remove the old pad and replace it with a new one.


The unique combination of SensorTack® 1 and SensorTack® Ready+ for those sensors with raised features on the outer face of the sensor.



>> Stone chip repair:


>> WindowGuard™:


>> Lil-BUDDY:



Stone chip repair







Glass repair made easy: Professional windscreen repair with the PMA/TOOLS glass repair system containing vacuum pump, 3 special UV resins and extra powerful UV lamp.


Temporary glass replacement with WindowGuard™ emergency film: This clear and flexible self-adhesive film protects the vehicle’s interior from weather damage. It will not detach at high speeds and leaves no residues.


The Lil-BUDDY windscreen installation tool enables a single technician to remove and install automotive glass safely and quickly on most vehicles.





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